Downloadable Portfolio

Here you will find two versions of my portfolio. The first version is a file that will allow you to print my portfolio and view it as an actual book. The picture shows how it should be viewed. It will not display in your web broser very well. I highly recommend saving the file to your computer and viewing it thorugh Adobe Acrobat. If you wish to view projects in your web browser, please click on the GALLERY section.

Version 1A - For Print (high resolution, large file)
Version 1B - For Print (low resolution, small file)


The second file is my portfolio with all the pages combined into easy to view spreads. This version is easier to view on your computer screen if you do not want to view the GALLERY. Printing will be an issue.

Version 2 - For viewing on Computer 

No matter which version of my portfolio you choose to view, ENJOY!

Old portfolios
Sometimes it's nice to look back and see the older version of a portfolio. That's why these are here.
Old Version - For Print (includes some different, older projects)

Version 2 - For viewing on Computer  - MUCH older